Jurien Bay Oceanic Experience - Experience Jurien Bay

WA | Jurien Bay

Rock Lobster Catch and Keep Boat Tour
Approx Duration Approx 1.5 hours Sleeps From $150.00


  • Sunrise marine life viewing in the bay
  • Watch the lobster pots reveal their catch
  • Learn how to measure and grade a lobster
  • Tips on how to cook your lobster
  • Take up to 8* lobsters home - YUM!

Experience the Local Rock Lobster Industry with our hands on, in depth look at how this Worldwide delicacy is caught, graded and enjoyed – right here in Jurien Bay. 

Join us as we depart from Jurien Bay marina at sunrise and cruise through the Jurien Marine Park to our deep sea  location where our pots are submerged.  Sunrise on the ocean is the most magnificent time of day on the water and a privelege to see marine life in the silouhetted in the sun's early morning rays.  

As we reach our string of pots, our experienced skipper and crew will guide the 'catch' and explain how Lobsters are caught, sorted and measured to ensure that our lobster stocks are fished sustainably.  How many lobsters will come over the side in the pot?  It's always a thrill to see.  Kit up in a genuine lobster fishing apron and gloves and have your photo taken with the catch like a pro!

Our crew will explain how the rock lobster industry thrives in Western Australia and why this is such a highly prized catch.  Best of all, you'll learn the inside tips to cooking your lobster from the experts.  You'll need those tips when you take your own quota of the lobster catch home.  Each passenger will have the opportunity to take home up to 8 lobsters each.  

Whilst we are out on the water, your comfort is assured on our large vessel with plenty of shaded seating and a guest toilet on board.   Enjoy a warm cuppa; a welcome treat on a crisp, clear morning.

On our return to the marina, we provide a handled bucket to take your lobster home, ready to be placed on ice in preparation for your lobster feast.  This is the life!

take home quota will vary dependent on the size of the catch on the day.