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Premium Full Day Wine Tour
Approx Duration Approx 9 hours Sleeps From $205.00
Premium Full Day Wine TourTreat Yourself With a Luxury Wine Tour

Is it time for a break from the boredom of everyday life? Maybe what you need is a luxury wine and food tour down south, where you and your mates can sit back and indulge while someone else drives! Harvest Tours specialises in relaxed, premium Margaret River tours that offer gourmet experiences at reasonable prices. Our Premium Full Day Wine Tour is the ultimate luxury choice, where we will take you on a journey to discover food and wine produced by local artisans throughout this picturesque region.  

Tour Highlights

Vasse Felix

For our premium tour, we stop at only the most highly regarded wineries in Margaret River, so of course we have to visit Vasse Felix - Margaret River’s founding wine estate. Vasse Felix was established in 1967, and their expert winemakers strive to produce wines that express the very best of the region. Margaret River’s isolation and maritime influence make it the perfect environment to create Vasse Felix’s specialties, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blends. 

On our tour, we will stop at Vasse Felix for some wine tastings, followed by a gourmet three-course lunch at their chef-hatted restaurant. Just relax and take in the serenity of the surrounding vineyard setting, while tucking into their indulgent cuisine, and enjoying two glasses of included premium wine. 

Windows Estate

Windows Estate is a family-run, certified organic winery with a truly passionate team behind their premium wines. Established in 1999, the vineyard is a labour of love for the family, and trained viticulturist Chris tends to the grapes with care, believing that ‘good wine is made in the vineyard’. During our visit, you will have the opportunity to attend a private seated wine tasting, where you will try several of their signature wines paired with three matching artisan cheeses. While enjoying this gourmet local produce, you can reflect on how the wine is made with traditional, minimal intervention winemaking methods.

Gabriel Chocolate Factory

With all these wine tastings, you will soon be ready for a taste of something different, and that’s when we will stop by Gabriel Chocolate Factory - Western Australia’s first bean to bar chocolate makers. Here, they source the beans from all around the world to ensure a diverse range of flavours in their delectable chocolates, and you can even watch them roast the raw cacao beans right in front of you during your tastings. You can choose from a wide range of gourmet, award-winning chocolates, from smooth milk chocolate to 99% cacao. There will also be time to enjoy an afternoon coffee or ice cream here before we head on to our final destination. 


Pick up From Your Accommodation - 

For the most relaxing experience, we pick you up from accommodation anywhere in the Margaret River region.

Yahava Koffeeworks - 

Our first stop is Yahava for a nice, hot cup of coffee that will energise you for the day ahead. 

Voyager Estate - 

At Voyager Estate we have the opportunity for a seated wine tasting, where you will try a range of expertly chosen, premium wine flights, which include aged and vintage wine options. 

Cape Grace - 

We visit this humble, family-run winery to balance out your experience, you will taste some wines while learning the ins and outs of how a small winemaker works. 

Vasse Felix - 

You will spend a relaxing couple of hours enjoying a three-course lunch accompanied with two glasses of wine at Vasse Felix.

Xanadu Wines (Alternative)

If Vasse Felix is unavailable, we will head to Xanadu Wines as an alternative lunch destination - and with a chef hatted restaurant and a barrell room tour, you won’t be disappointed!

Evans & Tate (Alternative)

Evans & Tate is another alternative location we can visit, where you will enjoy a premium wine tasting paired with artisan cheeses. 

Gabriel Chocolate Factory - 

It’s time to cleanse your palate after all that wine tasting, so we will discover some fine chocolates at Gabriel Chocolate Factory.

Windows Estate - 

Next, we will indulge in a cheese and wine pairing at Windows Estate, while learning about their minimal intervention winemaking.

Wild Hop Brewing Company -

To complete our day, we will head to Wild Hop Brewing Company for a pint and a peaceful view.

What’s Included?

The team at Harvest Tours aim for the whole experience of our Premium Full Day Wine Tour to be relaxing, so that’s why we organise for most of the stops on our journey to be covered by the price of the tour. 

Our luxury wine tours in Margaret River include:

  • Three-course lunch and 2 glasses of wine at Vasse Felix

  • Every wine tasting

  • Gourmet cheese pairing at Windows Estate

  • Chocolate tastings at Gabriel Chocolate Factory

  • Pick up & drop off 

  • Bag of sample coffee

  • There is an on-board cooler for perishables

  • Chilled water bottle

  • Eco-friendly shopping bag

What is not included in the price of the tour?

  • An ice cream or coffee at Gabriel Chocolate Factory

  • Any drinks at Wild Hop Brewing Company

Escape With Luxury Margaret River Tours

The Margaret River vintage wine tours from Harvest Tours are the complete luxury experience, not only do we visit a range of foodie destinations, but you will receive a personal guided tour with an informative commentary on the region. 

What are the main points to remember about the tour?

  • We will pick you up from your accommodation 

  • You will visit three of the most elegant wineries in the region: Vasse Felix, Windows Estate, and Voyager Estate

  • An indulgent three-course lunch at Vasse Felix is included

  • There will also be stops for tasting cheese, chocolate, and coffee - so you won’t be hungry!

  • The day will finish at Wild Hop Brewing Company, before heading home 

So, if you are ready to invest in the ultimate food and wine tour of Margaret River, then contact our friendly team today. We can give you all the necessary information and answer any questions you may have. Our aim is to make the process as easy-to-follow as possible, so that you can begin relaxing immediately.

Full Day Wine Tour
Approx Duration Approx 9 hours Sleeps From $130.00
Full Day Wine Tour Enjoy an Indulgent Escape in Margaret River

Everyone needs to relax and unwind sometimes, and an idyllic day trip from Margaret River is a great way to do so. Here at Harvest Tours, we offer Margaret River tours that are luxurious and exciting, while remaining affordable. We believe in taking you to the places that we, as locals, choose to visit ourselves, so that you can engage with passionate and inspiring local business owners and indulge in the delights Margaret River has to offer.

Tour Highlights

Yahava Koffeeworks:

A stop at Yahava Koffeeworks in Margaret River is the perfect start to the journey, as it’s sure to give you plenty of energy for the exciting day ahead. Yahava is a well-loved, local WA company that sources coffee beans from all around the globe. They offer a range of different coffees for you to try on their tasting benches, and an expert will walk you through the options while explaining how each cup is brewed - you can even watch the beans being freshly roasted right in front of you. For those of you who aren’t coffee fanatics, there is a large selection of loose leaf teas to ensure you will be suitably perked up as well.

Flutes Restaurant:

We will take you to a variety of picturesque wineries throughout the day, but the most impressive is Brookland Valley Estate - where you will also be experiencing a luxury two-course lunch with a generous glass of wine. Flutes Restaurant overlooks vineyards and the waters of Wilyabrup Brook, and every dish on offer has been paired with a specially picked Brookland Valley wine, so that you can have the perfect glass for your chosen delicacy. You are sure to love their premium choices, as Brookland Valley Estate has been listed in the top 3.5% of all Australian wineries.

Gabriel Chocolate Factory:

Everyone knows that the ultimate indulgence is to have wine with chocolate - so that’s why we will take you to Gabriel Chocolate Factory after our winery stops. You will have the chance to taste chocolate that is freshly made from bean to bar right here in the Margaret River region. Gabriel Chocolate Factory uses unique grinding and refining methods that preserve the naturally occurring flavours of the cacao beans. They also import quality raw cacao beans from a range of locations across the globe, in order to create the best, smooth, award-winning chocolate.


Free Pickup From Your Accommodation:

To make the early morning start a bit easier for you, we pick you up from your accommodation (if it’s within the Margaret River region).

Yahava Koffeeworks:

Yahava is the first stop on our trip - so that our guests can help themselves to a much-needed morning jolt.

Brown Hill Estate:

The first winery on our journey is Brown Hill Estate, where you will have your first sips of quality, traditionally made premium wines. We will also visit their vineyard and barrel room to learn more about their expert process.

McHenry Hohnen:

Our second winery stop is at McHenry Hohnen, where you can appreciate the sustainable, eco-friendly practices while tasting the fruitful results.

Flutes Restaurant:

For lunch we head to Brookland Valley Estate for a two-course feast and glass of wine at the renowned Flutes Restaurant.

Fermoy Estate:

By this time, your palate will be sufficiently cleansed and ready for some more wine tasting, so our next stop is the opulent Fermoy Estate, where you can taste a range of award-winning wines.

Vasse Virgin:

A trip to Margaret River wouldn’t be complete without checking out the natural olive oil skincare range at Vasse Virgin - you can also purchase some gourmet olive oil themed foods.

Gabriel Chocolate Factory:

Logically, the next place to go after all these wine tastings is chocolate tasting - so we head to Gabriel Chocolate Factory to enjoy a range of freshly made, award-winning chocolates.

Wild Hop Brewing Company:

Our last stop is at Wild Hop Brewing Company, where you can have a change of pace and sip some cold beer while enjoying the chill vibes and tranquil views.

What’s Included?

Here at Harvest Tours, our aim is to create a full day trip from Margaret River that is accessible for any traveler, no matter their budget.

So, our Margaret River day tours include:

  • The two-course lunch and glass of wine at Flutes Restaurant
  • All the wine tastings
  • Pick up & drop off
  • The free-range meat platter at McHenry Hohnen
  • Chocolate tastings
  • Sample coffee bag
  • A chilled water bottle on request
  • One eco-friendly shopping bag
  • There is also an on-board cooler for you to store any treats

What’s not included?

  • Any drinks at Wild Hop will be at your own expense

Discover the Tastes of the Margaret River Region

Our Full Day Wine Tour is the ideal option if you want to indulge and enjoy the region, but are still watching costs and don’t want to break the bank.

What are the main things to remember about our tour?

  • Free pickup from your accommodation
  • First stop at Yahava for coffee tastings
  • You will visit four premium wineries: Brown Hill Estate, McHenry Hohnen and Fermoy Estate
  • Two-course lunch and glass of wine at Flutes Restaurant
  • Snack stops at Gabriel Chocolate Factory
  • You can have a pint at Wild Hop Brewing Company

If you can’t wait another moment to book your country escape, then get in touch with our friendly team today - and go tell your friends the good news!

Indulge and Discover Tour
Approx Duration Approx 9 hours Sleeps From $193.00

Indulge and Discover
Explore The Margaret River Region

Are you a bit of an adventurer, but like to enjoy a nice glass of wine as well? Then Harvest Tours has the perfect country escape for you! Our Indulge and Discover Tour covers all your bases, with opportunities to explore impressive caves and marvel at picturesque ocean views, while still stopping to sip premium wines and taste local, gourmet produce. Our passionate team has over 10 years of experience, and so your local guide will also give a knowledgeable, informative commentary on the region while you enjoy the sights and experiences.

Tour Highlights

Lake Cave:

The highlight of our Margaret River discovery tour is definitely visiting Lake Cave - where you will have an adventurous experience entering into a cave from the floor of a stunning sunken forest surrounded by soaring karri trees. This fascinating underground wonderland features a calm lake that perfectly mirrors the crystal formations growing at its edges, as well as the impressive ‘suspended table’ that hangs just above the surface of the water. You will need to bring sensible walking shoes for this section of the tour, so that you can explore the cave unhindered, and really take in the experience. It is the deepest of the show caves on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, and a ‘must-see’ attraction for any visitor to the region.

Brookland Valley Estate:

After having a few wine and coffee tastings, and working up an appetite exploring Lake Cave, your next stop is Brookland Valley Estate. Here you will enjoy a more relaxing, luxurious part of the journey, with a three-course lunch and complimentary glass of wine at Flutes Restaurant. This fine dining restaurant sits in an idyllic location, overlooking Wilyabrup Brook and the surrounding vineyards. Here, you will taste a range of delicacies made by their executive chef Francois Morvan, who uses a combination of French training and a love of local, seasonal produce to create a unique and delicious menu.

Prevelly Beach:

We will stop at a variety of wineries and gourmet food eateries throughout the tour, but we also aim to show you the harsh beauty of our isolated region through visits to iconic locations like Prevelly Beach. This beach is renowned for its surf breaks, and so the view from atop the hill, overlooking the stunning beach and crashing waves, is an ideal photo opportunity - you can even see the mouth of the Margaret River meeting the ocean. Our visit to Prevelly Beach is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression of our magnificent region on your mind.


Yahava Koffeeworks: 

We know what you will be craving this early in the morning - so we have organised a stop at Yahava to be first on our list.

Lake Cave:

To kickstart the discovery part of our journey, we will be exploring Lake Cave for the second stop on the tour.

Prevelly Beach:

We will then head back towards the wineries, making sure we stop at Prevelly Beach for a photo opportunity.

McHenry Hohnen:

Here, you will taste some premium wines from a minimal intervention, biodynamic vineyard, along with a selection of free-range meats.

Brookland Valley Estate:

For lunch, we will head to Flutes Restaurant at Brookland Valley Estate - you can also enjoy a wine tasting before the three-course lunch.

Fermoy Estate:

The next stop is Fermoy Estate, where you can enjoy some more fine wine tastings from a winery that has received awards such as ‘The World’s Best Cabernet’.

Vasse Virgin:

It’s time for a wine tasting break, so we will visit Vasse Virgin to check out their range of gourmet foods and have the opportunity to try some olive oil skincare products.

Gabriel Chocolate Factory:

After all this excitement, you will probably be ready for something sweet, and Gabriel Chocolate Factory’s range of award-winning gourmet chocolates are the best choice.

Marri Wood Park:

For the perfect end to the day, we will visit Marri Wood Park for some traditionally made, eco-friendly wines, paired with gourmet cheeses from the Yallingup Cheese Company.

Wild Hop Brewing Company:

Before heading home, we will also stop at Wild Hop Brewing Company for a palate cleansing pint of ale or lager.

What’s Included?

You won’t have to worry about any hidden extras on a trip with Harvest Tours - our aim is to make everything easy going and enjoyable - that’s why all the experiences on our Indulge and Discover Tour are covered in the original price.

Our discovery Margaret River tours include:

  • Three-course lunch and complimentary glass of wine at Flutes Restaurant
  • All the wine tastings
  • Entry into Lake Cave
  • Pick up and drop off at accommodation
  • Sample coffee bag from Yahava
  • Gourmet food tastings at McHenry Hohnen and Marri Wood Park
  • Chocolate tasting at Gabriel Chocolate Factory
  • Travel to photo opportunity
  • Eco-friendly bag
  • Chilled water bottle (on request)
  • Use of our on-board cooler for any treats you buy

What is not included in the tour price?

  • Any extra drinks or food at the stops
  • Beer at Wild Hop Brewing Company

The Ultimate Exciting, Indulgent Getaway

Here at Harvest Tours, we take you to the places that we locals like to visit, so that we can support small businesses and share the beauty of our home.

If you are keen to join us for an adventurous and indulgent tour, then here are a few things to take note of:

  • You must bring some comfortable walking shoes for this tour
  • This tour includes visits to three premium wineries: McHenry Hohnen, Brookland Valley Estate and Fermoy Estate
  • You will try gourmet snacks at McHenry Hohnen and Gabriel Chocolate Factory
  • Our discovery tour includes a stop at Prevelly Beach for photos
  • A tour of Lake Cave is included

To learn more about our discovery tour, or to find out about our other tour options, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team today.

Premium Vineyard Wine & Food Tour
Approx Duration Approx 9 hours Sleeps From $278.00

A day out enjoying a Premium Vineyard and  Wine experience, you will visit fabulous cellar doors and taste an extensive range of wines, as well as dedicated foodie destinations to experience tastings of gourmet local produce and dine at a five-star restaurant for lunch. 

The tour begins with a coffee experience at Yahava Koffeeworks to kick start your day before heading to McHenry Hohnen cellar door to indulge in  single
vineyard wines of Margaret River, wine paired with free range meats followed by a guided tour of the vineyard showcasing biodynamic farming,
minimal intervention winemaking while listening to the history of the vineyard and enjoy a glass of wine with nibbles in the vineyard. 

Next you will experience wine tasting and a 3-course lunch at Xanadu Wines (visit to the barrel room included) before heading to Vasse Felix for another inspirational tasting from one of the very first wineries established in Margaret River.

A visit to  Margaret River Chocolate Factory to indulge in fine chocolate (coffee & ice-cream are available guest expense) before visiting Vasse Virgin for natural olive oil skin products and sampling of gourmet foods. 

To finish the day, we visit the Wild Hop Brewery (guest expense) to indulge in a cleansing ale before returning to your accommodation. 

On-board cooler for you to store your harvested goodies collected is available.  

What’s included:

Pick-up time does depend on accommodation location 

Chilled water on request 

​Free sample coffee bag  

All wine tasting fees

2 pack of wine per couple or single bottle per person (from McHenry Hohnen range to be collected from the winery on completion of the vineyard tour)

3 course lunch with a glass of wine

Note: Adults only due to health & safety requirements