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Feel nurtured by nature.  Atop the Granite Skywalk, in the Porongurup National Park see boulders balancing, teetering on weatherworn pedestals. Castle Rock is a 4.2km return walk that requires moderate fitness.  To reach the spectacular views at the summit, requires a final short scramble over rocks and a climb in an enclosed ladder to the Granite Skywalk where our Busy Blue Bus guide will entertain you with intriguing stories of the area, from the traditional Noongar owners to the European settlers.  Suspended above the treetops you can breathe the clean air and exhilarate in the views to the Southern Ocean on this award-winning platform, newly opened to the public in this Heritage listed area.

Savour the flavours of the Great Southern of Western Australia in a selection from the menu at a Porongurups winery.  Rich soils, plentiful rain and clean air nourish produce that travels only a short distance to your plate.

You are encouraged to wear a hat and sunscreen, sturdy walking shoes and consider covering for your legs and arms.  Be sure to be hydrated before the day begins.  Take a small day pack with a rain jacket and your personal belongings.