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Hit The Waves at These Surf Beaches in Esperance

Esperance WEATHER

Get ready to catch some waves in Esperance! Surfing on the breathtakingly beautiful Southern coastline of Western Australia doesn’t get much better than near this seaside town.

A haven for surfers of all levels, from a beginner looking to learn to a seasoned pro searching for the perfect break, Esperance surfing will leave you in awe. This surfing paradise, where stunning beaches meet thrilling waves, offers crystal clear waters and consistent swells throughout the year.

Grab your board and get ready to catch the surf of a lifetime as we explore some of the top Esperance surf spots and discover what makes them a must-visit for surfers worldwide.

Best Beaches to Surf in Esperance

When you visit, you’ll have your choice of prime locations for surfing. Esperance’s Great Ocean Drive, a scenic stretch of coastal road, winds you past one picturesque beach after the next.

Pack your board along for the ride. When the conditions are right, you’ll discover excellent surfing at any stop due to the many islands, reefs, and sandbars offshore.

West Beach

Located a 4-minute drive west of town, West Beach has consistently good surf, stunning scenic beauty, and amenities nearby. Plus, it’s close to accommodations like Esperance Bay Holiday Park.

With its long sandy beach and crystal clear waters, plan to enjoy the best surfing conditions during low tide. Better suited for surfers with experience, the conditions at West Beach can be unpredictable with rips and currents.

Wharton Beach

For one of the most exceptional surf breaks in Esperance, you’ll need to travel an hour east to The Duke of Orleans Bay, locally referred to as “The Duke.” Surfers of all calibers can hit the waves at this breathtaking location with soft, white sand and calm, clear water.

Wharton Beach is easily accessible by a short walk or a four-wheel drive vehicle.

More Popular Esperance Surf Spots

Returning closer to the town centre, you can cruise Great Ocean Drive to discover these destinations known for crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and various surf breaks catering to all levels of expertise.

  • Chapmans Point’s powerful waves break over a reef. Only experience it if you’re an expert surfer due to rocks, rips, urchins, and sharks

  • Fourth Beach stretches for miles and offers up various sand breaks and distant groundswells

  • Twilight Beach has a unique rock feature and life saver patrols in the summer due to its popularity

  • Observatory Beach has sweeping cliffs and rough waters for adventurous surfers. It’s also a hotspot for kite surfing and windsurfing

Surfing Esperance: Seasons and Conditions

Esperance provides an adventurous surfing experience for riders any time of the year. However, understanding the Esperance surf forecast for each season can help you make the most of your time.


June to August ranks undoubtedly as the peak season for surfing in Esperance. During this time, the swell is at its cleanest and most consistent. Winter also provides big wave riders and experienced surfers opportunities to challenge themselves.


From September to November, the winter swells begin to taper off. Spring welcomes smaller and more playful waves, creating ideal conditions for beginners and surfers with limited experience.


While December to February offers much smaller waves than winter, it still provides enjoyable and approachable conditions for surfers of all skill levels and an appealing time for families and beginners.


Considered the shoulder season, March to May in Esperance offers a combination of warm water and consistent swell, attracting intermediate and advanced surfers seeking uncrowded waves.

Daily Conditions

Monitor the current weather and swell forecasts from local surf reports and online platforms for valuable information on wave height, wind direction, tides, and water temperatures, allowing you to plan your surfing activities accordingly. 


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Local Surfing Culture

Esperance has a vibrant surfing culture deeply ingrained in the town's identity. Surfers of all ages and skill levels are scattered along the coastline, always ready to share their passion and knowledge about the sport.

Locals deeply respect the ocean and its surroundings, preserving the pristine beauty of the beaches. The sense of community among surfers is strong, with frequent gatherings and events organised to celebrate the waves and nurture the collective love for surfing.  

Surf Shop Esperance

When you’re ready to take a break from the waves, Esperance has a great selection of stores offering top-quality merchandise.

  • Inner Tube Surf Shop has boards, wetsuits, surf accessories, clothing, sunnies, hats, and other travel necessities for your surfing needs.  

  • Down to Earth features surf gear and camping supplies

  • Tide & Co offers small boutique goods and apparel inspired by the coastline

Surf Schools

Esperance boasts an excellent surf school for those interested in learning to surf or improving their skills. Twilight School of Surf offers lessons for all age groups and skill levels

provided by friendly and experienced instructors.

More Cultural Places of Interest

While in Esperance, stop by these locations to learn more about the area and its history.

  • Esperance Visitor Centre

  • Esperance Museum

  • Esperance Historical Society

Safety and Tips for Surfers

Enjoying the waves in Esperance can be a dream come true for surfers, but it's vital to prioritise safety and respect the unique environment. Be aware of Esperance's unique challenges and conditions, such as rocks, reefs, rips, and marine life including great white sharks.

Follow these safety tips for a fun and relaxing trip.

  • Pay attention to wave height, swell direction, wind speed, and tides

  • Be well-informed about the latest shark sighting reports and adhere to local warnings

  • Choose the right surfboard and equipment for the conditions

  • Observe hazards such as rocks, reefs, or strong currents

  • Always surf with a buddy

  • Respect the local community and environment

Surfing Adventures Await

The pristine coastline of Esperance, Western Australia, offers surfers a haven for riding epic waves in a stunningly beautiful setting. With its crystal-clear waters, remote beaches, and consistent swell, it's no surprise that the region has become a surfing mecca attracting enthusiasts from far and wide.


Plan Your Esperance Surf Trip

Before you hit the waves, make sure you have comfortable and convenient accommodations. A stay at Esperance Bay Holiday Park provides the perfect seaside location. 

An abundance of attractions, activities, and, yes, surfing are all a few minutes walk or a short drive away. Plan your journey today!

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the best times of the year to surf in Esperance?

    Esperance offers surfing opportunities throughout the year, with peak season during winter (June to August) for experienced surfers. Spring (September to November) is great for beginners, while summer (December to February) provides enjoyable conditions for all skill levels. Autumn (March to May) attracts intermediate and advanced surfers seeking uncrowded waves.

  • What are some popular surf spots in Esperance?

    Esperance boasts several surf spots, including West Beach, Wharton Beach, Chapmans Point, Fourth Beach, Twilight Beach, and Observatory Beach. Each location offers unique surf experiences catering to different skill levels and preferences.

  • Are there surf schools in Esperance for beginners?

    Yes, Esperance has an excellent surf school called the Twilight School of Surf. They offer lessons for all age groups and skill levels provided by friendly and experienced instructors. It's a great place for beginners to learn how to surf or improve their skills.

18 December 2023

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