G’Day Rewards with Summerstar Tourist Parks

Want to join a rewards program accepted at Australia’s largest network of holiday parks?

Signing up for G’Day Rewards is easy! Next time you visit one of our West Australian destinations, speak to the park staff and they will sign you up on the spot. There is a small membership fee, which could be covered by just one stay with Summerstar Tourist Parks.

Reap all the benefits of being a G’Day Rewards member today.

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The Benefits of Joining G’Day Rewards

Joining G’Day rewards gives you discount accommodation to holiday park destinations across Australia. The two-year membership provides:

Benefits at over 270 tourist parks across AustraliaExclusive member only discounts with reward partnersSave 10% on accommodation up to $50 per stay

  • Access to discounts and member-only benefits at over 270 tourist park destinations throughout Australia.
  • A saving of 10% (up to $50 per stay) on all site and roofed accommodation at all Top Park and Discovery Park destinations.
  • Exclusive discounts when shopping with G’Day Rewards partners.

Keep an eye out for the G’Day magazine when at park offices. These free magazines feature the best of Australia travel tips, destinations and attractions. The magazine even includes some irresistible travel meal ideas and real stories from Australian travellers.

View Summerstar Tourist Park specials for more in-park benefits and exclusive deals when you book direct.

How much does it cost to join?

Joining G’Day Rewards can be done in all Summerstar Tourist Park offices across Western Australia. The cost is $50 for a two-year membership and can be used immediately after signing up. You could pay off the cost of joining after just one stay at a Summerstar Tourist Park location!

Applying Your G’Day Rewards Discount

There are 3 ways to apply your G’Day Rewards accommodation discount at Summerstar Tourist Park locations across Western Australia. This includes through the website online; in park offices; or by calling the park office to book directly and quoting your membership details.

  • How to apply your G’Day Rewards discount online

You can apply your G’Day Rewards 10% accommodation discount (up to $50) directly online at time of booking with Summerstar Tourist Parks. After inputting your membership details, the discount will be applied when placing your booking.

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  • How to apply your G’Day Rewards discount in park offices

Applying at a Summerstar Tourist Park location is easy. Simple provide your membership card to park staff at time of booking and they will apply the discount before payment. If you’re not currently a G’Day Rewards member, speak to the team about becoming one as sign-ups can be done right there in park offices.

  • How to apply your G’Day Rewards discount by calling the park directly

If you’re booking by phone, make sure to mention you hold a current G’Day Rewards membership card. The park staff will request your membership details and can apply any discounts and any membership benefits instantly.

Terms & Conditions

  • To claim your rewards, you must have a valid G’Day rewards membership card at time of booking, to be presented upon check-in.
  • G’Day Rewards members will receive a 10% discount on all accommodation options, up to a maximum of $50 per stay.
  • The member discount of 10% at Summerstar Tourist Park locations is only valid to members that book direct through the Summerstar Tourist Park website.

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