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Why not enjoy a staycation in Western Australia?

People across Australia love to travel, and they make their way to countries around the globe when on holiday. Seeing the world is great, but did you know that you can have just as much fun right here in Oz? When you start planning your next holiday, forget foreign travel and consider a staycation in Perth and the rest of WA instead. If you are unsure about a staycation, consider all these incredible benefits of picking a holiday destination in WA.

Get to know your home country

Australia is a massive country, and that means that there is plenty to explore. Although a lot of Aussies do travel, many have never left their home state or even their hometown! Before you set off on a trip around the world to see other countries, you should take the time to get to know your own country first.

Western Australia has a much lower population density than many of the other Australian state, so you’ll have less chance of major crowds disrupting your holiday. In WA, you'll have the chance to get outside and enjoy nature, letting you see what the real Australia is all about. You'll also have your pick of local restaurants, hotels and attractions.

Enjoy year-Rround travel options

Because Australia is so large, there are huge differences in climate between the northern and southern parts of the country. WA is the largest state in the country and spans the entire north-south stretch meaning you can travel in West Australia year-round.

In the summer when travelling around Christmas when the weather is hot, head down south for a staycation in Perth to get a break from the heat and soak in the beauty of the southern coastline. In winter when the temperature drops, head up north for warm weather and beautiful sunshine. In the shoulder seasons, feel free to visit anywhere you like, as the weather will likely be comfortable in most destinations.

Here are some great guides for travelling up north or down south in Western Australia:

North: Perth to Kalbarri Road Trip

South: Perth to Esperance Road Trip

Save on airfare and accommodation

To travel to any other country, you'll need to fly. Depending on your chosen holiday destination, this can add a lot of travel time to your itinerary, especially if you are going far afield. Not only that, but air travel can be quite costly.

You'll have to pay for your plane ticket, as well as any additional fees, like those for checking your luggage or reserving a seat.

With a staycation, you can drive to your destination. This way, the journey in Western Australia is part of your holiday, as you'll be able to stop to check out roadside attractions whenever you like. The drive isn't just a means to get to the destination like it typically is with air travel – the journey becomes the holiday.

If you’re planning your next staycation accommodation with Summerstar Tourist Parks, we have some great accommodation specials available for all travellers that book directly through our website. This will give you more money to enjoy the local Western Australian tourist attractions, restaurants and tours.

Remove the stress of interstate/international travel

Travelling internationally tends to be more complicated than staying closer to home. For starters, you'll need to make sure your passport is in order and that you have a valid travel visa for your chosen country. There may be additional complications that arise on your journey as well, like lost luggage, missed flights or trains, customs issues and more.

All that stress can add up quickly, and it can diminish many of the benefits of going on holiday – like relaxation. When you are constantly worrying that something might go wrong while you are so far from home, it makes it much more difficult to enjoy your trip. With a staycation, there are no customs officials to deal with and no visa or passport requirements. All you must do is pack up and go!

Your loved family pet can join

dog in car at pet friendly staycation perth

If you are booking your stay in Western Australia, you might be able to bring your family pet. For example, Summerstar Tourist Parks offers pet-friendly* camping sites for travellers at all 9 locations across the state. This is available on caravan and camping sites and not currently an option for their range of premium holiday units.

If your family pet loves to travel as much as you do, don’t leave them behind.

*conditions apply

Makes travelling with children more manageable

If you have children, you know how complicated it can be to travel with them. Of course, travelling with your kids is a great way for them to learn about other cultures and for you to bond as a family, but you need to keep your children's best interests in mind. You’ll often be asking yourself questions such as:

  • How will I keep my kids entertained if our flights are delayed?
  • What if my picky little eater doesn't like the food in a foreign country?
  • Am I prepared if my kids get sick?

A Perth staycation in WA minimises these possible complications for your kids. There are also some great online resources when travelling with children such as Travelling Australia With Kids, or TAWK for short. TAWK makes travelling with kids a breeze with a bunch of great road trip ideas, guides and ideas to keep your bundles of energy entertained.

Access to quality healthcare

One of the biggest concerns many travellers share when going on holiday in a foreign country is what to do if they get sick. Not all countries have the same access to modern healthcare that we do here in Australia so you could be in trouble if you fall ill abroad, especially if you are visiting third-world countries.

When you take a staycation in Perth, you'll enjoy the same healthcare benefits you would at home, no matter where in the country you live. This is one benefit of being an Australian citizen that you certainly don't want to lose access to when you travel. Perth and other cities in WA have world-class doctors and medical facilities so you can have confidence you'll be well taken care of if need be.

Book your staycation in Perth and across WA

western australian staycation sign perth

With so many benefits to local travel, now is the time to reserve your stay at any of our many tourist parks across WA. Here at Summerstar Tourist Parks, we strive to keep our rates affordable so that you'll have plenty of room left in your budget to enjoy all the wonders of Western Australia.

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20 May 2019

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