People across Australia love to travel, and they make their way to countries around the globe when on holiday. Seeing the world is great, but did you know that you can have just as much fun right here in Oz? When you start planning your next holiday, forget foreign travel and consider a staycation in Perth and the rest of WA instead. If you are unsure about a staycation, consider all these incredible benefits of picking a holiday destination in WA.

Get to Know Your Home Country

Australia is a massive country, and that means that there is plenty to explore. Although a lot of Aussies do travel, many have never left their home state or even their hometown! Before you set off on a trip around the world to see other countries, you should take the time to get to know your own country first.

Western Australia has a much lower population density than many of the other Australian state, so you’ll have less chance of major crowds disrupting your holiday. In WA, you'll have the chance to get outside and enjoy nature, letting you see what the real Australia is all about. You'll also have your pick of local restaurants, hotels and attractions.

Enjoy Year-Round Travel Options

Because Australia is so large, there are huge differences in climate between the northern and southern parts of the country. WA is the largest state in the country and spans the entire north-south stretch meaning you can travel in West Australia year-round.

In the summer when travelling around Christmas when the weather is hot, head down south for a staycation in Perth to get a break from the heat and soak in the beauty of the southern coastline. In winter when the temperature drops, head up north for warm weather and beautiful sunshine. In the shoulder seasons, feel free to visit anywhere you like, as the weather will likely be comfortable in most destinations.

Here are some great guides for travelling up north or down south in Western Australia: