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10 Local Walpole restaurants & businesses you should visit


Despite being one of Western Australia's smaller towns, Walpole is a popular tourist destination for travellers in Perth and further abroad, especially during the warmer summer months.

And who can blame them when Walpole has so much to offer! Don’t believe us? Read our Guide to Walpole.

Though the spotlight is often put on the town's many natural wonders, Walpole is also home to a wide range of local restaurants and businesses that make the town even more special.

Once you know what’s available during your visit to Walpole, you'll have no trouble tailoring your trip to your preferences. Whether you're interested in wine tastings, golf, or shopping for homemade pottery, Walpole has you covered.

To help you plan the perfect road trip from Perth to Walpole, here are 10 of the best restaurants and businesses that we recommend adding to your travel bucket list.

1. Thurlby Herb Farm

Thurlby Herb Farm is a must-visit local Walpole business for anyone visiting Walpole. This lovely shop offers a great range of unusual gifts and organic products including natural handmade herbal products, aromatic soaps, and much more.

Stop by Thurlby Herb Farm to browse their organic gifts and to see how they make their products using ingredients from their own gardens and the surrounding forest. Make sure you grab a unique gift for friends, family or even yourself to remember your fun-filled southwest adventure.

2. Mal and Barbs Flaming Hot Takeaway

The sign on top of Flaming Hot-Takeaways restaurant in Walpole, Western Australia.

The sign on top of Flaming Hot-Takeaways restaurant in Walpole, Western Australia.

Flaming Hot Takeaway is the perfect spot for anyone needing a quick meal after a long day in Walpole. This locally-owned and family-run takeout place never disappoints!

They serve all the delicious fast food you could ask for, including generous servings of seafood, fish and chips, burgers, pizza, and more. With over 20 years operating in Walpole, Mal and Bards Flaming Hot Takeaway is a town favourite offering good food and a friendly service!

3. Naturally Walpole Tours

Naturally Walpole Tours offers one of the best ways to explore Walpole's natural highlights. They currently do two half-day tours — one that focuses on the great sights to the west of Walpole and the Tree Top Walk Deluxe Tour, which covers the sights east of Walpole.

If you’re looking for a self-guided tour (and hopefully not too scared of heights) then we recommend reading our guide to Walpole’s Tree Top Walk. In our article, you find information on opening hours, costs and more!

4. Spiral Studio

Creative handmade pottery and porcelain at Spiral Studio in Walpole, WA.

Creative handmade pottery and porcelain at Spiral Studio in Walpole, WA.

While you’re enjoying the amazing view over Walpole at the Valley of the Giants, stop in at Spiral Studio. At Spiral Studio, you can browse a diverse selection of high-quality handmade pottery and porcelain. These stunning pieces range from hand-carved decorative vases to unique mugs.

They also sell a range of tableware for preparing or presenting meals, such as bowls, plates, casserole dishes, and serving dishes. These pieces are beautiful, practical, and the perfect keepsake to remember your nature escape trip to Walpole.

5. WOW Wilderness Eco-Cruises

You'll never forget a ride on a WOW Wilderness eco-cruise with EcoGuide Gary Muir and his team. Running daily from 10 am, this cruise will take you and your travel partners on a relaxing adventure through the local waterways.

Make sure you bring your camera to take lots of pictures as the area is known to be rich with Australian wildlife.

6. Moombaki Wines

Couple walking down the vineyard at Moombaki Wines in Walpole, WA.

Couple walking down the vineyard at Moombaki Wines in Walpole, WA.

No trip to Western Australia’s southwest is complete without going to a winery.

If you're in Walpole, one of your best options is the family-owned winery, Moombaki Wines. They're a relatively small winery, but their selection of distinctive handcrafted wines is top-notch.

The best way to try their wine is to come by their cellar door during their operating hours. You can enjoy some stunning views of the valley while enjoying a guided tasting of their wonderful wines.

If you fall in love with any, you can easily buy them online from their website afterwards. They offer white, chardonnay, malbec, shiraz, and more!

7. Frankland Estate

Moombaki Wines isn't the only winery near Walpole!

Frankland Estate produces award-winning wines that are loved by wine connoisseurs across Australia. Located North-East of Walpole, this winery is passionate about organic viticulture — only taking from the land what can be replaced. Their love of wine is noticeable in their great flavours, which you can enjoy by making an appointment for a cellar door tasting.

So, get your wine glasses ready, grab your friends and make the most of your next adventure down under with a few wineries added to your travel itinerary.

8. Petrichor Gallery

Wall logo for Petrichor Gallery in WA’s southwest.

Wall logo for Petrichor Gallery in WA’s southwest.

If you have any interest in art, you should definitely consider a visit to Walpole's Petrichor Gallery. This gorgeous gallery showcases the work of both local and regional Australian artists.

Their unique collection of paintings, furniture, textiles, woodwork, jewellery, and more is sure to impress you and your travel buddies. It's a great place to relax and see some incredible artwork while escaping the hustle and bustle of sightseeing.

Note: Petrichor Gallery is usually closed over the winter break (July through September), so make sure to book your holiday outside of these dates if you plan to visit.

9. Walpole Nornalup Visitor Centre

Though neither a store nor a restaurant, you'll definitely benefit from a stop by the Walpole Nornalup Visitor Centre. The centre's friendly staff can offer you all the information you need on how to explore Walpole's natural wonders, whether you're hoping to see national parks, beaches, or any of Walpole's other amazing features.

10. Walpole Country Club

Aerial view of Walpole Country Club in WA’s southwest.

Aerial view of Walpole Country Club in WA’s southwest.

Located just behind the Walpole Rest Point Caravan Park is the fabulous Walpole Country Club. This country club boasts a challenging and visually stunning 18-hole golf course. For just $20 per day per person, you and your travel buddies can play a few rounds, unwind, and take in some great views of the beautiful Walpole Inlet.

Ready to explore local Walpole businesses and restaurants?

Walpole's not the kind of town you drive through. You could spend weeks here and still find fun things to do!

If you're interested in staying in Walpole, you'll find lots of great Walpole accommodation options in the area, including places that offer cabins, cottages, campsites, and caravan sites. With a couple of extra days, you can take your time enjoying everything this charming little town has to offer.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Walpole restaurants open year-round?

    Most Walpole restaurants and businesses mentioned in this article are open year-round, however, some do close over the quieter Winter season. We recommend reaching out to the Walpole business you want to visit prior to arriving.

  • Where should I go when visiting Walpole?

    There are so many unique businesses and experiences in Walpole and surrounding towns that it makes it hard to tick off everything in just one trip. Our team at Walpole Rest Point Caravan Park recommends booking a long weekend or week-long adventure to make the most of your visit.

  • Are there tour businesses in Walpole?

    There are a few key tour providers that you can book with during your visit to Walpole. We recommend speaking to the teams at Naturally Walpole Tours and WOW Wilderness Eco-Cruises to make your next adventure that bit more special!

18 August 2022

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