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50 Unique caravan storage ideas you'll love

Caravanning is experiencing an explosion in popularity, and Western Australia is truly unique in the amazing destinations and facilities on offer for getting away and experiencing our great state. Caravanning is cool!

We have 50 caravan storage ideas for you on how to deck out your caravan smartly and efficiently so you can maximise your interior space, enjoy your trip and relax comfortably and safely.

And our ideas don’t cost the earth either.

Here are our 50 unique caravan storage ideas:

Preparation is key

1. First thing’s first

Modern caravans are clever in their design these days, and it can be tempting to overpack by filling it up with things you don’t need. Overpacking is probably the single biggest mistake people make, and once you hit the road you don’t want to be hauling and juggling too much stuff that you don’t even need - especially when caravan weights are such an important factor on travelling safely.

Our tip? Prepare ahead of time. Start a list on paper, or a note on your phone, and list everything you want to pack before you even start packing. Get your travel mates to chip in too.

It’s important to start planning early. Start a list well before packing day and add to it over time. Taking the time early will prevent a packing rush, and before you know it you have a solid carefully thought-out actionable camping checklist, and packing day will be a breeze. More importantly, you’ll avoid overpacking in a last-minute rush!

2. Audit your packing

Overpacking is the worst. You haul too much stuff around, and never use half of it. It’s amazing what you can get by without. Think carefully before you leave, and check and check again that camping checklist before the big trip. Along the way, we reckon it’s wise to audit your packing once in a while, just to keep on top of things and eliminate all the stuff you’ve accumulated over time. You won’t be the first to discover you’ve been carting around double-ups and unnecessary stuff!

3. Plan accordingly

Heading up north where it’s hot? You might want the boogie boards and deck chairs. Heading for a winter getaway to a cooler spot down South? An extra wool rug for picnics and a warm jacket will serve you well. Avoid packing for just-in-case and tune your list for your destinations’ climate and the experiences you’ll be enjoying.

Internal caravan storage: The basics

4. Keep essentials handy

Those in the biz call it a ‘quick-drop zone’. You want to keep items you use all the time close at hand. Keys, hats, jackets, dog leads, headphones, chargers keep on hooks near the caravan door. That way they’re nice and easy to grab when you need them, and also keeps them out of drawers and cabinets.

If you’re using stick-on hooks pay attention to the weight limit rating of the adhesive you’re using, and make sure you have the right strength. There are some great options out there and it’s best to err on the side of caution and get the biggest strongest hook you can or use double-sided adhesive from a hardware store.

key magnet caravan storage idea

(Image Source:

Use broom handle holders to store other things, like torches, just inside the door so you know exactly where they are when you need them.

broom holder caravan cupboard storage ideas

(Image Source:

Keep things like jackets hanging right where you need them with hideaway (folding) hooks.

caravan interior storage idea hooks

(Image Source:

5. Everything has its spot

Stick on plastic tubs and bins near the tv and by the bed make perfect spots to keep phones and remote controls accessible and easy to locate in low-light.

6. Get creative and use underutilised spaces

Think about where you could suspend some extra shelving from the ceiling (make sure you can still move around comfortably). The underside of wall cupboards and inside of doors in your van might lend itself to some additional storage and would be a good idea to explore. Think about some of the non-permanent solutions available at places like the Reject Store, like velcro hangers and overdoor hooks.

Caravan kitchen & cupboard storage ideas & tips

 7. Cleaning up

Having the right stuff to clean up after yourself will ensure you’re a good caravan park visitor. Think about the tourist parks you’ll be staying at. Are they well equipped with camp kitchens? If so you may be able to reduce the number of unutilised things you need to pack. Cut down on kitchen equipment needed by booking a site at a caravan park with a well-equipped camp kitchen.

 8. Reduce. Reuse.

How much do you use the oven in your caravan? The microwave? Washing machine? Can any be removed to create more cupboard space?

9. Reduce grey-water space

Plan your water storage carefully, our parks and sites have plenty of drinking water available but you don’t want to be caught out when camping in hot weather. Do laundry outside or at the common laundry - look ahead and see if your park is equipped with a laundry.
Bonus tip: Use a plant-based detergent so you can safely tip out the dish bucket without putting it into your grey tank. 

10. Get a sink cover (or make your own)

Sink covers can generate more space for when you don’t need access to the sink and can double as a useable flat surface for storing things outside on the ground or resting on your lap.

sink cover chopping board

(Image Source:

11. Dish drying station

A plastic drying station with adjustable edges will come in handy for saving space for all those drip drying dishes.

12. Drawer dividers & drawer liners

When it comes to caravan storage, drawers tend to be better for storing stacks of bowls and plates, as it saves on the vertical space needed in cupboards and is easier to get at. Adjustable and expandable plastic (lighter than wood) drawer dividers will maximize drawer space and keep you feeling organised. An idea so simple will really help.

Another tip is rubber drawer liners to stop damage to the bottom of your drawers from items clamouring around.

13. Nesting and stacking only

You’ll be amazed by how much space simply having nesting pans, bowls, containers saves.

stacking bowls for minimalist caravan storage

(Image Source:

14. Get some soft felt protectors for pots & pans

Another one of our camper trailer storage ideas is using soft dividers for protecting your stacked pans so they’re not damaged on the road.

15. Magazine racks

Metal wire magazine holders make perfect storage for kitchen goods, bottles, bin bags and Glad-Wrap rolls. Also, a great way to store cans on their sides. Hang them on the kids' bunks for storing books and toys too.

magazine rack used as cupboard storage idea for caravans

(Image Source:

16. Suction cup hooks

Suction cup hooks are a must-have for caravan kitchen organisation. Use them on walls and windows to hang plastic and silicone utensils up out of the way.

17. Utilise the backs of your cupboard doors

Get a streamlined wastebasket for hanging on the back of kitchen cupboard doors and hang utensils with stick-on hooks.

Cupboard door storage hook for caravan

(Image Source:

18. Don’t forget inside the fridge

Plastic bins inside the fridge are also a great caravan storage idea. Keeping things labelled, and accessible will help maximize a small caravan fridge.

19. Think vertical in the pantry

Small internal shelves, or even pull out drawers, inside larger and taller cupboards will increase the number of items you can get in the cupboard, and also help keep them accessible. Undershelf hangers are especially handy and secure, for utilising the vertical space in your caravan’s pantry and kitchen cupboards.

pantry storage containers for caravan

(Image Source:

20. Get yourself a label-maker

Use a label maker to keep everything super organised and make it clear what’s in each container.

21. Think about unused air-space

Get a cord fruit hammock, or if you’re the type… crochet one yourself! These free up fridge space and the additional airflow is good for the fruit.

Fruit hammock gimmicky caravan storage option

(Image Source:

22. Hang up some wire baskets

Wire hanging baskets are a great idea when attached to the walls of your van with hooks. Especially if you don’t have a pantry this extra internal cupboard space will be much appreciated on your trip. They’re lightweight, stackable when not in use, and you can see what’s inside easily. Great for holding potatoes, fruit, and coffee supplies up off the counter and freeing up kitchen cupboard space.

23. Repackage foods to save wasted space

Invest in a set of the same shape and design containers for repackaging food storage. Keep staples and ingredients in these containers instead of the bulky and inconsistently shaped and sized packets and packaging food comes in. Get containers and lids that can nest and stack when not in use to save even more space. Half-empty boxes of cereal just waste vertical space in cupboards (if they even fit) and can easily be transferred to smarter storage solutions.

kitchen tubs for caravan cupboard

(Image Source:

24. Like for like

Store like goods, such as spices and tins, together in fabric containers with handles, get the ones that can fold flat when you don’t need them, so you know where they are and can grab easily. This also allows you to grab them all together when you need them.

Caravan bathroom storage ideas

25. Shower caddy

If your van has a shower, the easiest upgrade you can make is a corner suction shower caddy. Or three!

suction shower caddy for caravan

(Image Source:

26. Be brave and think about what you need

Will you need that straightening iron? Hairdryer? If so, hang them with hooks or slide them into a shoe holder over the back of the door. Getting these cumbersome items and their cords out of cupboards will clear up space and prevent damage and tangles in cupboards.

27. Shampoo & conditioner dispenser in the shower

A bottle storage solution idea that is fantastic is a multi-dispenser for the shower wall. One that lets you see how much is left inside is even handier, and prevents bottles flying around, breaking and leaking. Travel-sized versions of bathroom products will help too, on trips when a whole bottle of shampoo isn’t necessary.

28. Buy a bunch of waterproof stick-on hooks

Look for the waterproof stick-on hooks for the shower area for hanging washcloths, brushes, cleaners or some more plastic baskets.

29. Hang your toothbrushes with sticky hooks

What a simple, and effective idea! Keep your toothbrush where you’ll always be able to find it, and where it’s not going to hit the ground.

caravan bathroom toothbrush holder

(Image Source:

30. Install a magnetic knife strip above the vanity

A magnetic knife strip above the bathroom sink will keep things like tweezers and nail-clippers easily accessible and exactly where you left them.

31. Hang some baskets from the towel rails

Hanging baskets from the hand towel rail clear the vanity top and will keep things handy.

caravan bathroom towel rack storage ideas

(Image Source:

32. Put a lazy-susan in the cupboard

Another neat trick for caravan bathroom cupboards is installing a lazy-susan, for reaching things at the back of the cupboard made easy!

caravan cupboard lazy susan storage

(Image Source:

Caravan living space storage ideas & tips

33. Keep surfaces clear

In any size caravan, It’s a great idea to keep surfaces like tables, benches and countertops clear of clutter. It’ll make packing and unpacking quicker and easier and prevent things from sliding around while you’re pulling the caravan, preventing damage too.

34. Buy a whole bunch of stick on hooks and cord organisers

Think about small ways to organise and lift stuff onto the walls where you can see them, like peel and stick 3M hooks or suction clips for running power cords, phone charging cables and more.

caravan wall hooks for storage

(Image Source:

35. Wrangle all your cords

Keep cords and cables rolled up with cable ties and Velcro straps.

Caravan bedroom & wardrobe storage ideas

36. The Swedes have lots of great storage ideas

Ikea sells some great wardrobe organiser items, and collapsible storage boxes for wardrobes, that can be adapted to hold down things like pantry goods, and cleaning supplies. Storage containers of any kind that can be folded flat when not in use are a prime idea.

magazine and tv remote holder for caravan bed

(Image Source:

37. Streamline your coat hangers

Speaking of wardrobes, those velvet-covered hangers are a lot thinner than the bulky wood or plastic ones and will give you back some hanging space in the wardrobe, not to mention help keep clothes from falling off their hangers.

38. Don’t over do it in the bedroom

For sure think about any and all underutilised space but be careful. Taking up too much stuff in floorspace like along the side of the bed and footwells may be a quick-fix storage idea but can add to a cluttered feel and remind you of being in a small space when you’re climbing over stuff to get into bed or stretching your legs at the breakfast table.

39. Traffic control

Be mindful of moving around the caravan and keep floors and walkways clear so that you and other people can move around the van comfortably and safely at the same time.

40. Shoe organisers

Pick up a canvas shoe organiser and run it along the side or end of the bed to keep all your shoes together, off the ground, readily accessible, and not a trip hazard near the front door. Also great for near the caravan door and along with bench seats.

fabric shoe organiser for caravan bed

(Image Source:

More caravan space saving ideas

41. Pegboard

Line your tool storage space with pegboard (get Bunnings to help you cut it to size if you don’t have a saw). Grab a selection of different metal hooks to keep all your tools and their bits in place and well organised. Having all these handy and organised will make your next on the road repair job much easier.

pegboard under caravan to store tools

(Image Source:

42. Look for any unused spaces that could be used for storage

Check behind sealed front doors in kitchens, the bathroom and cupboards for hidden cavities that could be maximised. Above the fridge, behind the TV, under bench seats and beds or sinks are common culprits and are often good for items you don’t need all the time like linen and washing powder.

Often you’ll discover some space behind panels that can easily be removed and covered with a small DIY curtain attached with Velcro, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of making a custom panel or door. Often these spaces will offer up bonus storage for things like beach towels, window screens and water bottles.

43. Put curtain tension rods to work

Use curtain tension rods horizontally in cupboards to stop stuff falling out, and vertically to stand trays and cutting boards. Bungies will also be handy for clinging bins and tubs to cupboards.

44. Caravan Jenga

Stackable storage containers, the type that can clip together, are a great idea. They help to maximise the vertical space inside cupboards and being clipped together helps them stay in place and not come tumbling down.

45. Save those plastic bags

They’re becoming rare these days, but those plastic bags still come in handy. Store them scrunched up inside a plastic juice bottle, or on paper-towel holders.

46. Get an ottoman

But make sure it’s one with a lid, with space inside to store shoes, towels, or toys!

47. Hang your hoses

Hang your hoses inside your storage doors with nylon Velcro straps.

48. Look up

Mount brooms, fishing rods and umbrellas to the ceiling with torch clips, or pipes and slide them right in.

49. Don’t forget inside the car too

Think outside the caravan for storage too. Get yourself some car seat organisers for the back of the front seats. It’ll be handy for storing stuff to make travelling with kids easier, and also you’ll know exactly where things like wipes, tissues, torches and power cords are, and helps make sure they’re always accessible.

50. Forgot something?

That’s the beauty of caravanning. You’re surrounded by friendly and like-minded people who’ll be more than happy to lend a bucket or a bike pump.


At Summerstar Tourist Parks we are well equipped for caravans of all sorts and sizes, and many have wonderful amenities like ensuite camping and caravan sites. We also make sure reversing a caravan is easy with sites suitable for larger caravans at most of our tourist park destinations. Our team will be happy to help you select the most appropriate site to meet your needs and style of camping and make the most of your West Australian holiday.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much caravan storage do I need?

    Less than you probably think! You can easily maximise your storage with some of the simple storage hacks listed in our caravan storage ideas blog. Also, when buying items to keep in your caravan, ensure they are compact, serve multiple purposes, and are items you’ll likely require during your trip.

  • How can I maximise my caravan storage?

    The easiest way you can maximise your caravan storage is by decluttering your items. Identify if there is anything you only use once in a while and could live without. Additionally, you could purchase one compact item to replace three items, or replace something bulky with a more compact version.

  • What are some caravan cupboard storage ideas?

    You can get the most out of your caravan cupboard space by storing everything in containers and crates. This will help keep everything organised while you are driving and they are easy to pull out when needed.

    Another good tip is to secure items to the inside of your cupboard doors. This can be things like tea towels, the rubbish bin, cooking utensils, your spice shelf, or whatever you find yourself reaching for most.

  • What are some caravan clothes storage ideas?

    When it comes to storing clothes, the easiest option is filling the bottom of your wardrobe with small storage containers that can easily stack on top of each other. 

    In these boxes, you can store things like underwear, socks, bathers, and t-shirts. 

    Then you should have more room for items that require to be hung. We recommend using thin felt coat hangers. They are more compact than wood or plastic, and your clothes shouldn’t drop off while you are driving around.

29 September 2020

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