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18 Fun road trip car games for kids and big kids (adults)

Taking a road trip around Western Australia is a great way to spend your summer holidays.

However, long hours on the road can be challenging, especially for your littlest passengers. To help pass the time between destinations, try some of these fun road trip games and plan your road trip song playlist to keep everyone entertained.

Road trip car games for the whole family

road trip car games for the whole family

Road trips offer a great opportunity to have some fun with your children, and everyone in the family can join in. Try these road trip car games when travelling with the whole family.

1. Categories

Choose a broad category, like fruits or animals. Take turns naming something that fits in the category. The first person who can't come up with something loses the round.

2. Guess the song

Put on your favourite playlist or turn on your favourite radio station. The first person to name the song gets a point. Give the kids a piece of paper and some coloured markers to keep track – one colour for each player. Whoever has the most points when you reach your next stop wins!

3. Would you rather

Give all players two options to choose from. Try to come up with the weirdest things you can think of to start interesting debates.

4. People watching

When you are driving alongside another car for a while, make up a story about its occupants and where they are going. The sillier you can be, the better!

5. Road trip rules

Make up silly rules for common road trip happenings, like everyone must clap their hands each time you drive over a bridge. Or even that you must laugh like a kookaburra whenever you spot a bird. Try to come up with as many as you can. The last person to follow each rule gets a point, and the player with the fewest points wins.

6. I spy

This is a road trip classic that is fun for everyone. One player starts with a vague clue, like "I spy something green." The other players must then ask yes-or-no questions to identify the item in question. For slightly older kids who are beginning to learn words and spelling, make the game word-based, such as ‘I spy something beginning with g.”

Road trip car games just for kids

road trip car games just for kids

Sometimes the grown-ups need a break from playing games, so let your kids enjoy these games on their own.

7. Aussie animal bingo

Create bingo boards with Australian animals you are likely to see along your drive, like kangaroos, kookaburras, cockatoos, and more. Have your kids mark the boxes on the boards each time they see an animal. The first to finish a row, column, or diagonal wins!

8. The alphabet game

This one will keep your kids occupied for a while, especially if you aren't in a busy area. Have them look for all letters of the alphabet in order on road signs, licence plates, and anything else they can see outside of the car.

9. Rhymes

One player starts with a word, and the other players must name a word that rhymes. When someone gets stumped, start a new round.

10. The quiet game

While not really a game, this will give the grown-ups a bit of a break from constant chatter. See who can keep quiet for the longest. The first one to speak loses.

11. Scavenger hunt

Make a list of things you'll see or do along your journey, like spotting people beach fishing or stopping at a fast-food restaurant. Have your kids keep an eye out for them as you go and check items off as they complete or see them. The first one to finish wins.

Road trip games for adults

road trip games for adults

If you don't have any kids in your group or they are otherwise occupied, try these games for grown-ups.

12. Truth or dare

This classic game is great for playing in the car, helping you get to know your friends even better. For the dares, try to keep them to things you can do safely in the car or can accomplish quickly at your next petrol or snack stop.

13. Kiss, marry, ignore

One player names three people, living, dead or, fictitious. The other players must then determine which of the three they would want to kiss, marry, and ignore. It seems simple but is surprisingly fun and funny!

14. Never have I ever

One player starts by naming something they have never done. The other players each get a point if they have done it. The player with the most points at the next stop wins.

15. Going on a road trip

The first player starts by saying, "I'm going on a road trip and I'm going to bring..." then naming something you might take on a road trip. The next player must then continue the list, including all items that came before. The first person to forget an item loses.

16. The movie game

One player starts by naming a movie. The next player must then name an actor who starred in that movie. The next player names another movie that actor was in, and the next names another actor from that movie. Keep playing until someone is stumped or repeats the same actor or movie.

Fun road trip games for couples

fun road trip games for couples

If you are on a road trip with that special someone, perhaps on a romantic Valentine's Day getaway, play these fun road trip games for couples to strengthen your bond.

17. Deep questions

Before you head out for your trip, come up with a list of deep questions, or look some up online. As you travel, take turns asking and answering the questions. You may be surprised by what you learn about your special someone!

18. Opportunity corner

Every time you go around a turn and your body shifts towards your partner, yell "opportunity corner," and take the moment for a quick snuggle. There's not really much to this game, but it will give you plenty of chances to get close, especially on winding roads.

Take a break from driving

When you are ready for a break, stop in at one of our family-friendly caravan parks.

We've got locations all across WA, so there is sure to be one close by, no matter where your journey takes you. Reach out to us in advance to make a reservation to ensure you get a spot in one of our parks, especially during busy times, like weekends and holidays.

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10 December 2019

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