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Your ultimate guide to Kalbarri - Everything you need to know

Kalbarri WEATHER

Kalbarri is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Australia. This charming beach town, located on the coast of Western Australia, is a popular holiday destination throughout the year, attracting visitors from all over the world. While many tourists opt to stay in major cities, Kalbarri presents adventure-seeking travellers with a chance to see a different side of this beautiful country. This travel guide has what you need to know to make the most of your holiday in the region.


Kalbarri weather

Kalbarri weather at Kalbarri natures windowD'Guy Charters Tour, Natures Window. Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia 

This part of Australia enjoys a warm climate throughout much of the year, and you'll likely be treated to plenty of sunshine during your stay. Depending on which season you decide to visit, you’ll experience a slightly different climate:

Winter – June to August

Winter brings the coldest temperatures, with highs of approx. 22°C and lows of around 10° This makes this time of year great for hiking and other outdoor activities. Winter also marks the beginning of wildflower season so don't forget to bring your camera to capture all that colourful beauty.

Spring – September to November

Spring temperatures reach about 26°C during the day. This season is prime viewing time for the many humpback whales that call the area home. If you are looking to avoid throngs of travellers, November is your best bet as it tends to be less busy than other months.

Summer – December to February

Daytime temperatures in the summer average 33°C, though they can get as high as 45°C in the heart of the season. Even at night, the temperature still hovers around 19° When heading out on your adventures, be sure to bring plenty of water and reapply sunscreen frequently. If you're planning travel around Christmas, Kalbarri's beautiful warm summer weather makes it an ideal option. The beaches can get especially crowded during this time of year so arrive early to secure a spot on the sand.

Autumn – March to May

Autumn is the most popular time for people to visit on holiday as the heat of summer has dissipated but the winter chill hasn't set in just yet. The winds are typically calm during this time of year, which helps keep the waters calm as well, making autumn the perfect season for enjoying the beachside and fishing in Kalbarri.

While you can have a great time in Kalbarri at any time of the year, it’s a great idea to plan your next trip around the seasons that suit your preferred holiday style and planned activities.


Top things to do in Kalbarri

things to do in kalbarri, kalbarri scenic flights over pink lakeKalbarri Scenic Flights over Hutt Lagoon. Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Kalbarri is home to a wide range of attractions that are suitable for people of all ages, including family tours, sightseeing locations for couples, or rugged outdoor exploring for solo travellers. Because it is less populated than many other coastal areas of Australia, it is a haven for those seeking the natural wonders of the outdoors with less disruption.

Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of the region while taking in some stunning vistas. Visit the park for a single-day excursion or camp out under the stars to really make the most of your trip. Plan out your hikes in advance to ensure you know where you are going and have packed enough provisions. While you're here, be sure to check out the Kalbarri Skywalk.

Chill out on the beach

At the beach, do a bit of fishing or take the opportunity to feed the local pelicans – an absolute favourite for kids of all ages. For even more family-friendly fun, head on over to the Kalbarri Family Entertainment Centre, complete with miniature golf, trampolines and more. You'll find plenty of occasional care centres in the area as well, allowing you to enjoy some grownup fun knowing that your little ones are safe.

Take it to the next level with Kalbarri water sports

Water sports are quite popular in Kalbarri, including water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, snorkelling and more. You can head out on your own or join guided outback action tours to get a bit more education out of your experience. Remember to always keep hydrated when involving yourself in local water sports as Kalbarri’s warm climate can often be unforgiving if you’re not adequately prepared.

Explore Kalbarri on foot

Kalbarri is well known for its incredible hiking trails, so take your time exploring the region on foot. You'll find hikes that are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced mountaineers. You can find some of the most popular Kalbarri hiking trails in Kalbarri National Park.

Visit Kalbarri’s pink lake

In addition to all the fun of Kalbarri itself, there are plenty of other things to do that are just a short drive away. For example, the Pink Lake in nearby Port Gregory is a must-see. Taking its colour from algae that live in the water, its hue can range from a pale pink to a rich magenta. It can even appear purplish from time to time. Despite its vivid colour, the water is safe to swim in so don’t forget to cool off when you visit.

Escape to Lucky Bay in Kalbarri

Lucky Bay is also in the Port Gregory and is one of the few remaining places where you can legally camp out right down on the beach. Pick a spot, pitch your tent, and get ready for some of the most incredible sunsets you've ever seen in your life. There is no potable water on-site, so be sure to come prepared with your own stash to get you through the duration of your stay.


Kalbarri accommodation

kalbarri accommodation at kalbarri red bluff tourist park

Because the region around Kalbarri is popular with tourists, there are plenty of hotels and hostels in the area. However, you'll get more out of your trip if you really get into the heart of the outdoors.

To have the easiest access to all the outdoor activities you'll want to try, stay at the all-new Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park. Part of our family-friendly Summerstar Tourist Parks group, the park includes camping and caravan sites, as well as brand new holiday units. Running water and private bathrooms is also available.

The Summerstar team will be happy to help you plan your trip to the Kalbarri region, including your accommodation at Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park. Our friendly team can answer all of your questions and help you select the most appropriate attractions and activities for your preferences and budget.

Get in touch with us today! Spots will fill up fast during the busy seasons, and we anticipate major demand for our newest park. Reserve your campsite, caravan park or holiday unit right away to ensure you get your preferred dates.

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18 July 2019

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