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Essential Caravan Accessories For Your Next Trip


Planning a caravan trip can be an exciting endeavour. But before hitting the road and setting up camp at one of Western Australia’s stunning tourist parks, you’ll need to bring the right caravan accessories with you. Having the right gear makes all the difference for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

From safety measures to creature comforts, this comprehensive guide will help you prepare and make the most of your next journey. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first caravan adventure, read on to discover the best caravan accessories for your next trip!

What are the best caravan accessories?

To create that "home away from home" feeling, you need to know what items will enhance the comfort, convenience, and enjoyment of your travels. Fortunately, we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the best caravan parts and accessories that every avid traveller should consider. 

Plus, to help you stay organised, we sorted these essentials into categories that cover each aspect of your next adventure.

Caravan parts and accessories

Travelling to and setting up at a caravan park relies on having the right parts and accessories ready to go.

As you travel and when you arrive, towing mirrors and a reversing camera help prevent accidents by allowing you to spot hazards, change lanes safely, and manoeuvre your vehicle effortlessly.

It’s also helpful to bring spare parts for your caravan especially if you plan on going off-road.

Once you arrive, use these accessories for proper set-up.

  • A parking mat protects the ground and prevents sinking into soft surfaces

  • Wheel chocks, ramps, and levels ensure stabilisation on uneven or sloping ground

  • Caravan jacks and jack pads safely raise and stabilise for maintenance and levelling

  • A hydraulic jockey wheel makes it easier to position the caravan

  • A hitch lock or heavy-duty caravan coupling lock adds security

Caravan utilities and maintenance

Ensure that your caravan is in top condition throughout your trip. The following parts and accessories provide convenience, safety, and emergency preparedness. Plus, they help extend the lifespan of your caravan.

  • Electricity cable to connect your caravan to a power source at a campsite

  • Leisure battery/caravan battery boxes to provide a portable power source

  • Water tanks (grey water tank) for a readily available water supply for cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene

  • Solar panels or a solar blanket

  • Water hoses for easy access to fresh water

  • Caravan gas cylinders for powering gas appliances

  • Repair kits

  • Tool kit

Caravan awning accessories

Awnings and screens provide protection from the sun, keep out insects, and make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, you may want to consider investing in a caravan annex to expand your living space further and provide an extra area for storage.

For comfort and convenience under your awning or in your annex, also bring along these caravan accessories.

  • Annex matting creates an inviting, clean, and comfortable flooring surface

  • A caravan step allows easy access when entering and exiting the caravan

Caravan storage accessories

Help to keep items organised and prevent cluttered spaces with smart storage solutions. During the trip, you’ll be glad you took the time to gather these items so you don’t waste precious leisure time searching for lost supplies and articles of clothing.

  • Collapsible storage bins and stackable storage tubs maximise the available space

  • Pop-up laundry hampers help keep a clean and tidy living space

  • Hooks, clips, or suction caps provide additional storage options

  • Magnetic strips save valuable counterspace

  • Hanging shoe rack

  • Hanging wardrobes

  • Bike racks

Caravan kitchen accessories

After you’ve set up your caravan and outdoor space, make sure you have what you need for all your hungry campers. To keep your perishable items cold and minimise food wastage, consider bringing a portable fridge.

It’s also a good idea to bring a portable barbecue to make it easy to cook meals outdoors.

Other kitchen essentials to have with you include the following must-have items.

  • Crockery

  • Stemless wine glasses

  • Bamboo dinnerware to save on dishes while still being environmentally friendly

  • 12V cordless kettle

  • Freshwater filters

  • Waste container

Outdoor comfort and lighting

Once your campsite is prepped and the sun goes down, there are a range of caravan accessories you can bring to keep you more comfortable on your trip.

  • A picnic table or folding camping table with seats provides a sturdy and comfortable surface for enjoying meals and other outdoor activities

  • Camp chairs are a must for relaxing and socialising with friends and family

  • Fairy lights add ambient lighting

  • LED flood lamps guide your way in the dark

  • Portable camp torch

  • Folding camp trolley

  • Fans

Entertainment and connectivity

Increasingly crucial for any caravan enthusiast, a compact UHF radio allows you to stay connected with other drivers or caravaners on the road or in remote areas where mobile phone signals may be weak or unavailable. In emergencies or breakdowns, a UHF radio can be a life-saving tool on a road trip.

Also, these accessories allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable caravanning experience while travelling on the road.

  • TV antenna/satellite

  • USB charger

  • Small capacity inverter

  • Big capacity inverter

Emergency and safety

Accidents, injuries, and safety situations can occur at any time, and having a well-equipped caravan that’s ready for any potential concern or event ensures the safety of your family, friends, and fellow travellers.

  • A first aid kit can provide immediate medical assistance.

  • Fire extinguisher designed explicitly for caravan use

  • Gas alarms provide an early warning system

  • Headlamp allows you to navigate safely in the dark

Caravan comfort, hygiene, and convenience

Caravan accessories like an air conditioner or gas heater, depending on the weather conditions, enable you to enjoy a pleasant environment regardless of external weather conditions.

Additionally, having the following caravan accessories with you during your travels allows you to enjoy your adventures to the fullest.

  • Sleeping bags

  • Camping mats

  • Night light

  • Mattress topper

  • Portable toilets (if required) and toilet chemicals

  • Hot water system or water heater

  • Shower kits

  • Shower tent

  • Washing machine

  • Clotheslines

  • Sand-free towels

Pack up your caravan accessories and plan your journey

Once you’ve gathered your essential caravan accessories and parts, book your stay for an experience worth remembering at one of Summerstar’s unique Western and South Australia caravan parks!

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the essential caravan accessories for a comfortable trip?

    Essential caravan accessories include items that enhance comfort and convenience during your journey. These may include towing mirrors, levelling and stabilising equipment, security measures like hitch locks, kitchen essentials, outdoor furniture, and safety equipment. The specific accessories you need can vary depending on your travel preferences and destinations.

  • How do I choose the right caravan accessories for my needs?

    Choosing the right caravan accessories involves considering factors such as the type of trip you plan to take, the size and layout of your caravan, and your personal preferences. It's important to prioritise accessories that align with your travel goals, whether it's maximizing comfort, safety, or convenience. Reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and consulting with experienced caravaners can also help you make informed decisions.

  • Where can I purchase quality caravan accessories?

    You can find quality caravan accessories at various places, including specialised caravan accessory stores, online retailers, and even some automotive or camping supply stores. It's essential to research and compare prices and product reviews to ensure you're getting the best value for your money. Additionally, consider the warranty and customer support offered by the seller to have peace of mind about your purchase.

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