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Hit the road on a road trip from Perth to Broome, WA


Western Australia lends itself to seemingly endless options for amazing and inspiring road-trip ideas.

If you’re planning a caravanning or driving holiday to Broome, we’ve put together the ultimate Perth to Broome road trip guide with lots of ideas and not-to-be-missed stops along the way. 

Enjoy a self-drive holiday from Perth to Broome

The drive from Perth to Broome will take you 5 to 7 days at least, but we recommend taking a few extra days for your driving adventure to take in some of the premier sights, day trips, coastal landscapes, top beaches, townships, geological wonders, vistas and attractions that WA has to offer along the way.

You could even make it a part of a bigger trip and connect to one of the other best drives in WA, turning it into a truly epic WA road trip adventure.

Some of the great stops along the drive from Perth to Broome include Cervantes, the Pinnacles and Nambung National Park, Jurien Bay, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Eighty Mile Beach and Karratha.

You’ll be taking in unique North West scenery, gorges and ancient rock formations, as well as delightful towns, breath-taking beaches, outback scenery and starry night skies.

A Perth to Broome road trip is a great opportunity to experience and learn about the region’s ancient history and Indigenous culture.

The distances between towns in the North West are massive, so careful planning and preparation are a must. Use our suggested Perth to Broome road trip guide for a memorable self-drive trip, and take it at your own pace.

There are numerous WA accommodation options between Perth and Broome and you’re sure to find comfortable caravan and camping parks, as well as some great restaurants and entertainment venues along the way.

Perth to Broome road trip details

  • Duration: 7+ days
  • Total distance: 2800km
  • Day 1: Perth to Jurien Bay (2.5 hours)
  • Day 2: Jurien Bay to Kalbarri via Horrocks Beach & Geraldton (4 to 5 hours)
  • Day 3: Kalbarri to Carnarvon (4.5 hours)
  • Day 4: Carnarvon to Coral Bay (2.5 hours)
  • Day 5: Coral Bay to Karratha (5.5 hours)
  • Day 6: Karratha to Port Hedland (2.5 hours)
  • Day 7: Port Hedland to Broome (6 hours)

Why Broome?

The famous Cable Beach right near Broome, the Dampier Peninsula, as well as the can’t miss, and very vast, surrounding areas of the Kimberley Region, Kirijini and the Pilbara.

The landscape of the North West and beyond traverses white sand to red desert, waterfalls, gorges and canyons, there’s truly a lot to discover once you make it up to Broome.

Birds flying over water in Broome, Western Australia.

Broome, Western Australia. Image credit: Tourism WA

When to visit Broome

The weather up in the top-end can be unpredictable.

The best time of year to visit the North West of WA is during the dry season (May to October). The perfect time to visit Broome is July to September, as this is the optimal Cable Beach swimming season with waters cleared from the jellyfish which appear during the wet season.

The wet season is from October to April and is known for stifling humidity, thunderstorms and flooding throughout the Kimberley.

Think about timing your Perth to Broome road trip during Western Australia’s famous wildflower season, for an even more spectacular and memorable road trip.

Getting to Perth


Airlines Qantas and budget carrier Jetstar fly from all capital and many major Australian cities into Perth International Airport. You can also fly out of Broome to Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney.

You can fly to Perth on several direct flights from the UK, Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand and Asia.


While flying into Western Australia is the most common way, driving is a great option too, especially if you’ll be parlaying that into one of the many great Western Australia road trips to see up close the diverse and unique remote and rural landscapes.

Popular road trip routes connecting Western Australia to the other side of the country are:

  • The Eyre Highway: South Australia across the Nullarbor Plain to Norseman
  • The Savannah Way: Cairns to Broome
  • Gibb River Road: Goes through the Kimberley

Western Australia is extremely large and has diverse geographic characteristics, which also means there’s a ton of things to see on an epic road trip! These features and the large distances are what make the state incredible, but they also pose risks and care should be taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable Perth to Broome road trip.

Plan ahead, pre-book accommodation and make sure you have enough essential supplies for your WA road trip.

For tips on what to pack check out our article on Road Trip Essentials: What To Pack.

Ultimate Perth to Broome road trip itinerary map

Day 1: Perth to Jurien Bay (2.5 hours)

Set out from Perth in the morning and take an easy drive up the beautiful coastline with the picture-perfect Indian Ocean on your left. As you drive you’ll notice the suburbs giving way to giant sand dunes and vistas dotted with native trees.

The highway hugs the coast and you’ll already start to feel the scale of the WA landscape.

About 100km out of Perth, Ledge Point makes a great first stop. Check out Lancelin Island, Back Beach and Nilgen Lookout — all of which are nearby.

If it’s lunchtime there is local mouth-watering crayfish seafood on offer.

Guilderton is well-known as the last estuary of the Moore River, where the river meets the ocean tide in a picturesque fashion.

Nearby is the Gravity Discovery Centre. If you’ve got kids in tow, they will love burning off some energy at the interactive science learning centre.

Climb up the 45-metre high ‘leaning tower of Gingin’ that’s tilted to 15 degrees and enjoy impressive views of the Wallingup Plains or go on the Solar System Walk to gain some perspective on just how tiny the world is.

Pinnacles at Nambung National Park, north of Perth, Western Australia.

Pinnacles at Nambung National Park. Image credit: Tourism WA

Be sure to stop at Nambung National Park and explore the rugged Pinnacles Desert — one of Western Australia’s most fascinating natural attractions. The naturally occurring limestone column-like pillars rise from the sand and range from roughly 1m up to 3.5m in height.

There is some mystery about how these unusual shapes were formed, so make sure you take in the very good visitor and discovery centre to learn all about this fascinating area.

Back on the road now, stop at Cervantes to fill up with petrol, grab lunch at Cervantes Lobster Shack and enjoy some fresh lobsters, which this beautiful town is known for.

Rejoin Indian Ocean Drive (Route 60) for 40 minutes or so until you reach the small town of Jurien Bay.

There’s no shortage of things to do in this delightful laid-back beachside destination, so depending on how long you wish to take to get to Broome, Jurien Bay is one of the best spots you can make along the route to Broome.

Things to do in Jurien Bay (1-2 nights)

There are lots of perfect beaches and attractions to stop at and experience along the way north or south of Jurien Bay.

Be sure to stretch the legs at the great lookouts along the way such as Grigson’s Lookout, Molah Hill Lookout, and North Head.

Find some of the best fishing spots in Jurien Bay and try your hand at catching a Pink Snapper, Mulloway, Yellow Kingfish and more. Adventure underwater and swim with local Jurien Bay sea lions - also known as the ‘puppies of the sea’.

  • Cycle the 15-kilometre bituminized Turquoise Way trail
  • Swim with the sea lions
  • Visit the Pinnacles and Nambung National Park
  • Hike the Turquoise Way Trail
  • Explore Sandy Cape Recreation Park
  • Take in the views at the Jurien Bay Marine Park

View our Jurien Bay travel guide »

Accommodation in Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay Tourist Park is just a stone’s throw away from the beach, and located at the foot of the iconic Jurien Bay jetty and surrounding parkland, beaches and amenities. Self-contained holiday units and powered and unpowered camping sites are available.

Jurien Bay accommodation

Day 2: Jurien Bay to Kalbarri via Horrocks Beach (4-5 hours)

Jurien Bay to Horrocks Beach (3 hours)

Continue on Indian Ocean Drive for about an hour, then follow Route 1 for about two hours until you reach the beachside town of Horrocks. 

Stop for fish and chips at the Horrocks General Store and take in the well-known reef-protected white sandy Horrocks Beach.

Horrocks boasts great fishing, swimming and beach walks and is well worth a relaxing overnight stop in its own right.

Things to do in Horrocks

  • Explore the beautiful pink lake in Port Gregory - perfect for some insta-worthy travel pictures.
  • Enjoy fish & chips from Horrocks General Store before relaxing at the beachside to watch the sunset.
  • Greenough Hamlet to see windblown trees surviving but permanently bent over due to the strong coastal winds.

View our Horrocks travel guide »

Accommodation in Horrocks

Plan a night at Horrocks Beach Caravan Park, one of the very best places to stay in Horrocks. Offering a variety of accommodation options and clean, well-maintained park facilities. You're sure to find the right fit for you and your fellow road trippers!

Horrocks accommodation

Horrocks Beach to Kalbarri (1 hour)

Continue up the scenic Coral Coast for only an hour to reach beautiful Kalbarri and Red Bluff. Located within a National Park, with the famous WIndow Rock photo-opp, the town is encircled by 400 million-year-old gorges and towering coastal cliffs.

Technically about an hour off the most direct route from Perth to Broome, but Kalbarri is one of the places you can't miss when driving up WA’s coastline. It’s warm all year and has numerous natural attractions and incredible landscapes which make it famous and well worth an overnight stop.

Migrating whales are often spotted right off the beach at Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park.

View of accommodation available at Red Bluff Tourist Park in Kalbarri, WA.

Spend the night right on Red Bluff at Summerstar Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park.

Things to do and see at Kalbarri

  • You must visit the recently constructed Kalbarri Skywalk at Kalbarri National Park. The wheelchair-accessible platform juts out from a cliff face 100m above ground level, offering spectacular views across the Murchison River Gorge. Purchase tickets at the park entrance.
  • Spend a day, or even longer, exploring the hiking trails at the spectacular Kalbarri National Park.
  • Local Kalbarri restaurants such as The Gorges Cafe, Buddha’s Bites, and Bean Drifting by Jacques Beach.
  • Admire the geological wonder of Island Rock.

Nature's Window photo opportunity spot in Kalbarri National Park.

Nature’s Window photo spot at Kalbarri.

While in Kalbarri be sure to check out Nature's Window — a natural archway formed from sandstone that has eroded over time. The archway is a popular destination for photographers as it naturally frames the landscape beyond, which includes a stunning vista of the Murchison River.

A great time to visit Nature's Window is around sunset, when the low light makes for some great photos, with incredible views of the archway and surrounding hills against a red sky.

View our Kalbarri travel guide »

Accommodation in Kalbarri

Located along Red Bluff Beach Road in Kalbarri, Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park is situated right on the very edge of Red Bluff Beach, complete with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, and sometimes even the migratory whales.

The park is close to the well-known Kalbarri National Park, meaning you can take in both the beach life and forest life to their fullest.

Kalbarri accommodation

Optional side trip 1-2 nights: Overnight stop at Geraldton

A destination in its own right, Geraldton is a regional seaside city with street art, great festivals, shopping and indigenous trails.

Geraldton makes a great base for exploring WA’s Batavia Coast and the beaches and dive sites. If your itinerary has room, head up to the impressive HMAS Sydney II Memorial, commemorating the lives of sailors who died in World War II.

Depending on the length of your road trip Geraldton is well worth a stop for a night or two.

If time and budget permit, Geraldton is also the stepping off point for exploring and diving into the wondrous and world-famous Abrolhos Islands.

Wildflower road trip at Coalseam Conservation Park.

Coalseam Conservation Park. Western Australia’s wildflowers season. Image credit: Tourism WA.

This is also wildflower country, and if you’re taking your self-drive tour through WA’s spring wildflowers season (July to October) the area around Geraldton comes to life with thousands of native wildflowers, many of which are unique to Western Australia.

To experience Geraldton and find a wide array of beautiful wildflowers close to the Geraldton town centre, we recommend checking out Mills Point Lookout and Chapman River Regional Park and the area simply known as ‘Wildflower Country’.

Hotspots like Coalseam Conservation Park (an hour fifteen inland from Geraldton) and Lesueur National Park, are also hotspots for wildflower viewing every season.

See our in-depth guide to Western Australia’s vast wildflower season.

Things to do in Geraldton

  • Point Moore Lighthouse
  • Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral
  • Geraldton Museum
  • Yamaji trails
  • Ellendale Pool
  • The pink Hutt Lagoon
  • Greenough Wildlife Park
  • Abrolhos Islands

View our Geraldton travel guide »

Aerial views over the marina in Geraldton, WA.

City of Geraldton marina.

Accommodation in Geraldton

Geraldton Belair Gardens Caravan Park is just 250m from the waterfront and only 5 minutes from the town centre. Featuring a range of accommodation from powered and unpowered camping sites to holiday units and cabins.

Geraldton accommodation

Day 3: Kalbarri to Carnarvon (4.5 hours)

Western Australia’s famous Coral Coast spans 1,100km of breath-taking coastline stretching from Cervantes north to the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park.

The Coral Coast Highway conveniently stitches these incredible destinations together, with lots of amazing places to stop along the way. Continue along this jewel of a coastline to Carnarvon, an ideal base for diving the jewel of the Coral Coast; the world-famous Ningaloo Reef, Monkey Mia and Shark Bay.

Photographer capturing beautiful wildflowers in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Wildflowers at Carnarvon. Image credit. Tourism WA.

Things to do in Carnarvon

  • View the wildflowers during wildflower season.
  • Historical One Mile Jetty, just west of the town centre.
  • Stroll the Carnarvon Fascine.
  • Offshore scuba diving at Dorre Island (lit at night).
  • Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum - great for families!
  • Fresh locally grown mangos and bananas.
  • Gascoyne Food Trail and the #Instafamous Cactus Garden.
  • Quobba coastline and the Quobba Blowholes.

Visitors strolling down the Carnarvon Fascine.

Stroll the Carnarvon Fascine. Image credit: Tourism WA.

Kennedy Range National Park

Located in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, the Kennedy Range National Park lies around 830 kilometres north of Perth, and about 150 kilometres east of Carnarvon. The spectacular weathered plateau covers an area measuring 1,416.6 square kilometres.

This national park is for 4WD adventurers, keen campers and those looking to get on some amazing hiking and walking trails.

The unique honeycomb gorge at Kennedy Range National Park.

Honeycomb gorge at Kennedy Range National Park.

Once home to the Maia and the Malgaru aborigines, archaeological evidence suggests that this area was inhabited by these indigenous Australians for more than 20,000 years before Europeans arrived.

View our Carnarvon travel guide »

Suggested side trip #1: Monkey Mia - 3.5 hours

The place to go for seeing wild bottlenose dolphins up close, and lots more sightseeing opportunities abound in this neck-of-the-woods. Take in the area’s white-sand beaches contrasted against rust-red cliffs, plentiful marine life such as turtles, dolphins, manta rays, whales and dugongs that swim the crystal clear waters.

If time permits, and if you’re travelling in a 4WD, exploring Francois Peron National Park is highly recommended. The incredibly photogenic and empty beaches and red coastlines are spectacular.

Stop at the visitor centre in Denham for information to plan your exploration of this amazing area. 

Suggested side trip #2: Shark Bay- 2.5 hours

Shark Bay is Australia’s largest bay, with plentiful coral reefs and some of the country’s top scuba diving spots, some you’ll need a tour operator and a boat or 4WD to get to.

Think about booking a scuba diving or snorkelling boat tour with one of the excellent local operators and tap into their local expertise. There are tours on offer for divers of all ages and levels.

The best time to visit the area is between mid-April and October to enjoy the best weather.

Things to see at Shark Bay

  • Hamelin Pool
  • Shell Beach
  • Francois Peron National Park

Unique natural rocks at Hamelin Pool in Shark Bay.

Hamelin Pool at Shark Bay.

Day 4: Carnarvon to Coral Bay - 2.5 hours

Jump back on the North West Coast Hwy 1 for two and a half hours. Take the Coral Bay Road turnoff to get to the beautiful Coral Coast town of Coral Bay.

Named after the glorious coral gardens just metres offshore, Coral Bay is known for its adventure activities, from swimming with the graceful Manta rays and whale sharks (mid-March to mid-June) and humpback whales (July to September) to four-wheel-driving or quad-biking up the vast coastlines.

Quobba Station north of Carnarvon.

Quobba Station north of Carnarvon. Image credit: Tourism WA

Ningaloo Reef

The Coral Coast is home to some of the world’s most unique and diverse marine habitats, including the famous UNESCO World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. This stunning reef runs just off the shore at Coral Bay north up the coast to near the town of Exmouth.

Ningaloo Reef coastline in Western Australia's North West.

Ningaloo Reef coastline. Image credit: Tourism WA.

The world’s largest fringing reef boasts opportunities to encounter the epic whale shark and you can spot the ‘humpback highway’ as these gentle ocean creatures migrate along the West Australian coastline.

Book yourself a tour with a local operator to take in the natural wonders on a glass-bottomed boat or a dive tour.

Ningaloo highlights

  • Exmouth
  • Ningaloo Marine Park
  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks
  • Turquoise Bay in Cape Range National Park

Whale shark swimming through the waters at Ningaloo Station.

Swimming with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo, Western Australia.

Optional side trip: Carnarvon to Exmouth - 3 hours 45 min

The small town of Exmouth has a supermarket and some nice shops and cafes. Head up here to explore the surrounding Exmouth peninsula and the numerous perfect beaches and clear waters of Cape Range National Park.

Amazing aerial views over Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth.

Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth. Image credit: Tourism WA.

Some epic snorkelling spots are accessible right off the beach, like the famous Turquoise Bay in Cape Range National Park outside Exmouth.

The beach here is regularly named the best in WA and Australia, and the snorkelling and diving on offer are held in equally high esteem. The white, sandy shores give way to stunning coral reef gardens just metres from the shore.

Things to do in Exmouth

  • Glass bottom boat cruise.
  • Kayaking, diving or snorkelling the vibrant coral gardens of the Ningaloo Marine Park.
  • Exmouth Navy Pier - World-famous, this is one of WA and Australia’s premier dive spots.

Day 5: Coral Bay to Karratha - 5 hours 30 min

The drive from Coral Bay up to outback coastal Karratha, in the heart of the Pilbara Coast region, is one of the longer driving stints on our suggested Perth to Broome road trip itinerary. Some spectacular walks and vistas are in this area where the outback and desert meet the coast. 

Make sure you’ve got a full tank, as there aren’t a whole lot of stops between Coral Bay (or Exmouth), and Karratha.

Stop at the town of Nanutarra and the Nanutarra Roadhouse and take in the red earth landscape and the Ashburton River. This is where you would turn off to head inland to see Tom Price and the rugged scenery and natural gorges of Karijini National Park.

Aerial view of Karratha shoreline by Karratha is Calling.

Karratha shoreline. Image source:

The Yaburara Heritage Trail

While in Karratha check out The Yaburara Heritage Trail, a 3.5km walk highlighting the Karratha district’s natural history, and the cultural heritage of the traditional owners of this land - the Ngarluma people, and their neighbours the Yaburara people.

Allow two to three hours to enjoy the full trail at a leisurely pace.

Staircase to the Moon

A spectacular natural phenomenon can be experienced at Cossack Lookout and Hearson Cove, near Karratha.

On days of a full moon (between March and November) the Staircase to the Moon is a beautiful optical illusion created by the full moon reflecting on exposed mudflats at extremely low tide, forming a magical staircase up to the moon. Folks make an evening of it with fold-up chairs and wine.

Don’t forget the camera!

Sunset photo of the staircase to the moon in Karratha.

Staircase To The Moon, Karratha. Image: Tourism WA.

Karratha highlights

  • The Yaburara Heritage Trail
  • Millstream-Chichester National Park
  • Karijini National Park
  • Dampier Archipelago
  • Point Samson Peninsula and Burrup Peninsula

Suggested side trip: Dampier

Only 20 km from Karratha, the pretty town of Dampier is the gateway to the Islands of the Dampier Archipelago, featuring beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather year-round. There are lots to do in Dampier including outdoor water activities like swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, diving, snorkelling and windsurfing all year round.

When in Dampier you must visit the Red Dog Memorial Statue, dedicated to the Pilbara’s four-legged canine legends.

Red Dog Memorial Statue, Dampier by Australia's North West.

Red Dog Memorial Statue, Dampier. Image source:

Day 6: Karratha to Port Hedland (2.5 hours)

Continue your journey northeast to the mining town of Port Hedland, famous for Indigenous culture, pioneering history, the region’s massive resource industry and the long trains loading the ships in port. A great place to stretch the legs on a long beach walk, or go fishing, crabbing, whale watching or turtle nesting.

Unique view over Port Hedland as the sun rises.

Outback sunrise near Port Hedland. Image credit: Tourism WA.

Port Hedland highlights

  • Witness up close the ships of the world's largest export tonnage port.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art at Spinifex Hills Studio and Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery.
  • Port Interpretive Walk.
  • Sunset at Redbank Bridge.

A view of the salt mounds from Redbank Bridge Port Hedland by Australia's North West.

A view of the salt mounds from Redbank Bridge Port Hedland. Image credit:

Day 7: Port Hedland to Broome (6 hours 15 min)

One last longish driving leg, back on your old friend NW Coastal Highway 1, gets you to your final destination of Broome.

Broome makes an excellent base for exploring the Kimberley region, and Broome Caravan Park is located just 5km from Cable Beach.

Suggested stop: Eighty Mile Beach

Eight Mile Beach is 250km north of Port Hedland and 365km south of Broome and is WA’s longest uninterrupted beach (220kms!). An amazing spot for a stroll, collecting shells or a relaxing beach read.

The Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park has an abundance of diverse marine life and attracts thousands of migratory birds during summer, travelling from thousands of kilometres away.

Eighty Mile Beach is rather isolated so pack supplies during your Port Hedland stop, or at Pardoo or Sandfire Roadhouses.

Broome & Cable Beach

Famous for sunsets, and is one of the top beaches in the country.

What is one must do Broome activity? Ride a camel down Cable Beach at sunset, one of the most sought-after experiences in Western Australia.

The amazing sunset on Cable Beach in Broome.

Sunset on Cable Beach, Broome. Image credit: Tourism WA.

Once you make it all the way to Broome be sure to check out Gantheaume Point, home to some of the best dinosaur footprints in WA. Experience prehistoric times with a tour of the Gantheaume Point rock pools.

Broome & Cable Beach highlights

Dampier Peninsula

Dampier Peninsula spans the area north of Broome, and is famous for the scenic red landscape clashing with the white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters. The road in is sealed however a high-clearance 4WD will still be needed to leave the sealed main road or to drive onto the beaches.

Powered and unpowered camping is available at the working Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, on the Dampier Peninsula, as well as more luxurious accommodation options.

Sunset on Cable Beach, Broome by Bundys Cultural Tours.

Bundy’s Cultural Tours, Dampier Peninsula. Image credit: Tourism WA.

Dampier Peninsula highlights

  • James Price Point
  • Cape Leveque
  • Aboriginal community at Beagle Bay

See our complete guide to things to do in Broome »

Accommodation in Broome

If you prefer sleeping in a tent or if you’re travelling with a caravan, Broome Caravan Park has campsites that will take care of all your needs. The caravan park also offers park homes and chalets.

Please note that camping in Broome CBD is not allowed.

The return journey to Perth

The best ways to make the return journey to Perth are:

  1. Drive: Retrace your steps, or turn your adventure into an even more epic road trip and return through remote Western Australia via the inland Great Northern Highway and take in Tom Price, Pilbara, Newman and Karijini National Park (to name a few) down to Perth. Allow at least a week for this journey.
  2. Fly: Fly from Broome, Port Hedland or Newman to Perth.

Other great Perth road trip ideas

More great Perth road trip ideas:

  1. Perth to Jurien Bay road trip. An ideal weekend road trip, with a total drive time of only around 2-3 hours and lots of things to see and do along the way.
  2. A straight drive from Perth to Geraldton takes about four and a half hours driving up the picturesque Indian Ocean Drive. Going this way means you get to enjoy breathtaking ocean views while headed north towards Geraldton.
  3. The Shark Bay World Heritage Area is located around 800 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia and is approximately an 8½-hour drive from Perth to the town of Denham, which falls within the boundary of the heritage site. The Shark Bay weather is beautiful most days a year which makes it the perfect road trip destination.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to drive from Perth to Broome?

    Perth to Broome is certainly an epic road trip, and one not to be taken lightly. You could do it in 7 or 8 days driving on average 2-3 hours per day. With suggested stops along the way at:

    • Cervantes
    • Jurien Bay
    • Horrocks Beach
    • Geraldton
    • Kalbarri
    • Carnarvon
    • Coral Bay
    • Karratha
    • Port Hedland

    We recommend taking a more leisurely pace, and making it a 10 day, or even 2-week journey to comfortably drive from Perth to Broome, with enough time to stop and take in the many sights, day-trips (Monkey Mia, Exmouth and more), great destinations and accommodation options along the way.

  • Do you need a 4WD to drive from Perth to Broome?

    No, you don’t need a 4WD to drive from Perth to Broome. There are some great optional stops along the way where you may choose to leave the paved roads to reach camp spots, or to drive along beaches that allow 4WD access.

  • How can I book accommodation in Western Australia?

    Accommodation throughout Western Australia can be booked directly on the Summerstar Tourist Park website.

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